ZOPO & Jorge Lorenzo

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Jorge Lorenzo signed with ZOPO to be its first Brand Ambassador in July 2015. MotoGP is the premier class of GP motorcycle racing, consisting of 17 rounds of racing in various countries throughout the globe. Jorge Lorenzo made his debut on the world stage on his fifteenth birthday, and has so far won two World Championships. Jorge Lorenzo delivers the feeling of energetic youth, blazing speed and the spirit of holding fast to his dreams, which is very consistent with ZOPO’s brand ideals: Zealous, Optimistic, Persistent, Outstanding.

Tech it Easy

It's not just a pun. It's actually what drives ZOPO forward and a reflection of the in-house work philosophy and mindset. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, more relaxed and less complicated. Only by having this goal in mind can a technology provider truly achieve its full potential, and please consumers. Therefore, tech it easy, and have fun!

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